Microsoft Office 2010 Introduction and Review

Microsoft Office 2010 Introduction and Review

Microsoft 2010 which is codenamed as Office 14 was created next to Microsoft office 2007 and the predecessor of Microsoft office 2013. It is the Microsoft’s Office productivity version suite which comes with a lengthened file format support, and updates in user interface. It will definitely give end user a fresh and new experience. It has a 64-bit version but does not support windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft Office 2010 was opened to manufacturing on 2010. It became open for public market and was available for online purchase on June 15, 2010. This suite was the very first version which needed product activation for those who wanted to purchase it in volume. The user interface of office 2010 has ribbon on every application feature.

Office 2010 also introduced Office Web Apps, One Note and the free versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This suite replaced Microsoft works and productivity software. It is also the last version of office which can be applied to Windows server 2003, Windows XP and Windows Server 2008.


  • Office 2010 has integrated some of the features that may be found in Share Point Server and also incorporated some ideas from Web 2.0.
  • It updated support for ISO/IEC 29500:2008 which is the International standard version used in Office Open XML file format.
  • Has provided read and write support for ISO/IEC 29500 Transitional, Support to read ECMA-376 and support read for ISO/IEC 29500.
  • Has extended support for Open Document Format (ODF).
  • It has new features like Built-in tool for screen capture, removal tool for background, author permissions and templates for Smart Art.
  • With a new menu button which replaced Office Button. Menu button makes a full-window menu file also called backstage view. This Button gives user efficient action for task- centered functions like sharing and printing.
  • A ribbon interface is provided and modified. It is present in applications such as Office Outlook, Vision, One Note, Publisher and project.
  • It replaced Microsoft Equation Editor 3.0 by Word 2007 Equation Editor.
  • Letter Styling
  • Image and text editing effects
  • Clipping tools
  • Transitions and new animation in PowerPoint 2010.
  • Outlook Social Connector. This is a new feature which enables the user to receive updates and connect to social networking sites from Microsoft Outlook. However Outlook Social Connector supports only Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and Windows Live messenger.
  • Synchronous scrolling for word 2010
  • Volume edition is activated by using Multiple Activation Key (MAK). It is limited by number of attempts in activating the machine while it is connected to the server of Microsoft.


The availability of ribbon interface in all the applications of Office 2010 increased the consistency and usability of the suite. It was made cool by the additional feature of backstage menu where file management and printing options becomes very efficient to do. Some end users noted their satisfaction when it comes to its graphic tools. The graphic tool of office 2010 does a good job in image enhancement. Moreover its 64 bit version can handle large data of Microsoft Excel. It has some cons that are tolerable like its inability to print one page of e-mail but that is ok. At the end of the day this version of Microsoft is a very good upgrade.

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How to get coins easily | Hungry Shark Evolution tips

Hungry Shark Evolution tips

If you are an addictive gamer of hungry shark evolution, then these hungry shark evolution cheats tips will surely help you. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, these interesting tips will help you score big in this game. However, if you are just a hardcore gamer, these gaming tips will definitely help you have an awesome experience.

Watch video trailer for extra gem and coin

Before you indulge into the gaming experience, don’t forget to stop by at the extra gem and coin shop. You can simply do it by tapping the diamond total option. You will find it located corner of the evolve screen. Each day you will have some selected number of trailers. Interestingly, you will get one gem for watching each of these trailers. Now coming to the coin, you will get 100 coins for watching the trailers. Try to collect as much as you can each day because there will days when you won’t have videos to watch.

Deal with giant crabs

Giant crabs are usually found at the bottom left section. Just make sure to find these giant crabs at the entrance gates and dungeons for some big battles. Apart from this, a full leveled giant shark can also deal with these crabs. Interestingly, you can buy the crab form accessories and deal with these giant creatures. To defeat the giant enemy crab, make sure to find out its weak point. In fact, the enemy crabs weak point will change color to signify its current health.

Buy a baby shark for yourself

The next most important tip is to buy a baby shark for you. These are really amazing since these swim beside the big sharks as well as help you eat away whatever comes in your way. You can even unlock a baby shark with coins and gems. After selecting the main shark, visit the store and buy its baby version. It is as simple as that.

Collect daily reward treasure chest each day

While you begin the game every day, make sure to collect all that is available in the daily reward treasure chest. This treasure chest gives you about 100 coins on the first day, 1200 coins on second day, 300 coins on the third day and 3400 coins on the fourth day. But that’s not all; it even gives you 5 gems on the fifth day of the game.

Make use of the gold rush

Every shark that you collect has different total points required to reach a milestone. Apart from this, each shark also has a different time where the gold rush gets multiplied. So, you need to buy certain shark accessories that keep the gold rush timer active for long. Now, when the gold rush timer is active, just go ahead and feed on whatever creature you want. Simply go to the bottom of the water and you will get ample of blob, gulper and angler fish to feed on and earn points. Read more about game android cheats online

With that being said, these are the most important hungry shark evolution gaming tips you need to follow to score big and earn points. Read more about game guide and tips at

Subway Surfers Tips – Add Coins and Keys for iOS

Subway Surfers Tips - Add Coins and Keys for iOS

Subway Surfers is a very fun game that is pretty much a never ending one; it is a mobile game available on all mobile platforms. This game was created by Kiloo, which is a small and private company that is located In Denmark and is also known as SYBO Games. You can easily find this game on all android platforms, the Windows phone, kindle, all iOS platforms and more. Initially this game was released on the 23rd of May back in the year of 2012. This game is insanely popular and still remains as so today; player who enjoy this game also enjoy playing Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, Temple Run 2 and many more. Below is more information on Subway Surfers the game as well as the Subway Surfers tips such as all of the pros, all of the cons, basics, features, aspects and more. It is best to know all about the game before getting into it and once you get started be aware that you won’t want to stop because it is so fun and entertaining; ideal for kinds, young adults, adults and the elderly.

Subway Surfers Tips

Pros of the Subway Surfers tips:

  • Be able to have an unlimited supply of coins
  • Be able to have an unlimited supply of keys
  • Be able to unlock all of the content; this includes all of the character, all of the course tracks and all of the boards
  • Be able to increase your score with the feature that is known as the score booster
  • The cheat is supported through a private proxy which means that it is completely safe and unnoticeable
  • It works well on all devices and is known to always work as well as to always be completely free of viruses, bugs and more

Properly Using the Subway Surfers tips:

There are a lot of different subway surfer tips out there to choose from, this is exactly why finding the right one can be so hard and time consuming. Be aware that there are hacks out there that are not accurate just like there are hacks out there that don’t work at all. The best place to go to for the Subway Surfers tips is the following website: This cheat is the most popular one used for this game and to properly use it you need to download the link that is found at the bottom of the page. Once you have done this you need to connect your phone to your computer; keep in mind that the game needs to be on your phone before this point and at this step go ahead and skip the part about Facebook. Open up the hack tool and then click on the button that says detect device. After you have done this all you have left to do before use is to place the settings how you want them and then when you are ready to go be sure to click the button that says patch and you are good to go. This cheat is known for always working and doing so in the best ways; users are not disappointed and you won’t be either.

5 Apps for Free Google Play Codes

5 Apps for Free Google Play CodesPlaying games on your phone used to be free, but in the ever expanding app market, Google and other services are fixing their eyes on consumers’ wallets. The Google Play store has made many games and apps cost a fortune. But you can use these five apps to get Google Play Codes and save yourself some money.

  1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is the official Google Play survey app. Users can download this app for free in the Google Play store. Then, users simply need to sync the app with their Google Play account. The Google Opinion Rewards app will periodically send users surveys about satisfaction with Android devices or Google Play services. By answering these surveys in their free time, Google Play users can earn free credit to use in the Google Play store. Because it is the official app, there are never any glitches or outdated information. It’s easy and straightforward!

  1. Market Unlocker

Some apps are only available in some countries. Moreover, some apps are free in certain countries but cost a lot of money in others. Market Unlocker solves this problem with ease. This app allows users to change which market they are a part of in the Google Play store. Therefore the user can buy apps or games through whichever country is most convenient and cheapest. However, this app does require root permission for use.

  1. Freedom

Rather than allowing users to download apps for free, Freedom App allows users to have unlimited money within the apps themselves. This is particularly useful for Indian users who have issues using their debit cards within Google Play store. To use the app a few obstacles must be overcome. First, the user must set his device to the Moscow time zone, because the app only works within Moscow. Second, the user must download the third version of Google Play store. This is an old version but can be easily found for download online. Once that is accomplished, users can give Freedom App “superuser” power when they are within an app that requires purchases to complete the game.

  1. Free Store

Freestore is an application that allows users to download Google Play games and apps for free without earning credit. Users simply need to download the Free Store app, find a game or app they want to buy, and share it with the Free Store app. Then, open the Free Store app and choose to download the game. Once it has downloaded, open Free Store again to “install.” The new game or app should automatically appear in the user’s app list and can therefore be played or used without paying anything.

  1. Free My Apps

Free My Apps allows users to earn in-app credits by sharing the app through social media networks and SMS. Should an invited friend download the app, the user gets even more in-app credit? Users can also earn credits by downloading any of the site’s sponsored apps. These credits can then be used to buy Google Play codes and gift cards. The app also allows users to buy gift cards to Amazon, Hulu, and donation websites using the earned in-app credit. My Apps works on both iOS and Android devices.

Hopefully these apps will work to save you some money in the Google Play store. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the new ways to get Google Play Codes that are being created every day!